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Breaking Down The 2025 NASCAR Cup Series Schedule

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That guy you’ve seen on TikTok talking about cars going right and sometimes left.

Last year we had to wait deep into the off-season before the schedule was released, this year It seems like NASCAR is trying to get the schedule out within this month. Like always, there are many many changes luckily for us Brake Hard is here to breakdown all of the 2025 schedule rumors

  • After Mike Joy hinted that NASCAR will be going to Bowman Gray Stadium the NASCAR universe went wild and it seems like NASCAR is going to be racing at Bowman Gray for the clash. The problem is the weather, it’s cold in North Carolina in February. Would cold weather affect your decision on whether you go to the race or not?
  • Brake Hard has a shirt that he sells for merch and on it it says “save our short tracks” and with Richmond getting kicked off the schedule. It seems like the rollback on short tracks has already begun in NASCAR so maybe it’s time to take it seriously, do you think Richmond should keep both of their dates on the schedule?
  • NASCAR looks like they are finally going to be an international sport for the first time since the 90s. The rumor floating around is that NASCAR is going to go down and race on the F1 track in Mexico. Do you think NASCAR will be able to sell tickets down there like F1 sells tickets?

Are there too many road courses on the schedule? Will Daytona be back as the regular season finale? Let Brake Hard know all of your thoughts and questions in the comment section.

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