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All-Star Race Groovy Gauge Presented by Lectric eBikes

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What’s Happening?

While there was drama off the track, the race on the track again left much to be desired at North Wilkesboro. How does Eric rate this strange combination rank on the “Groovy Gauge” presented by Lectric eBikes?

Groovy Gauge Score: 45%

  • While the fight was entertaining, the race itself left a lot to be desired. While there were multiple grooves, the option tires did not wear as anticipated.
  • Eric believes it’s time to be more aggressive with the tires. NASCAR needs to make them even softer and do whatever it takes to fix short-track racing.
  • In spite of all of the bad, Eric believes this race was better than last year’s All-Star Race. Albeit an incredibly low bar.

Thanks again to Lectric eBikes, who will continue sponsoring the Groovy Gauge throughout the season. Tune in next week to see where Eric puts the Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte on the Groovy Gauge.

Daytona 50085%Watch HERE
Atlanta 100%Watch HERE
Las Vegas 70%Watch HERE
Phoenix 45%Watch HERE
Bristol100% Watch HERE
Richmond 25%Watch HERE
Martinsville45%Watch HERE
Texas66%Watch HERE
Talladega85%Watch HERE
Dover70%Watch HERE
Kansas100%Watch HERE
Darlington95%Watch HERE
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