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Xfinity Series Number History: 20-24

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Matt Smith

Dogleg Media is a motorsports channel focusing on history and stats. New uploads happen every Tuesday and Friday. Tune in to learn something new every single episode.

Number history returns, this time in the Xfinity Series. Numbers are a major part of a driver’s identity. On any given weekend you will see 36-38 unique numbers on the track, and each of those numbers has a story to tell.

This week, Dogleg Media host Matt Smith explores the history of numbers 20 through 24.

As always, he dives into;

  • The first to drive
  • The first to win
  • The most wins
  • The last to win
  • Every other winner in history
  • Suggestions from you the viewer

Stop in and learn all there is to know about these numbers and leave your suggestions for numbers 25 through 29 for the next one!

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