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When Will Ford Win In 2024?

The Iceberg

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After going over 25% of the season without having consistent good runs Ford came into Talladega with a lot of high hopes. It seems like the only place their car has a chance at is the Superspeedways, and things worked out perfectly. Ford was in positions 1-2-3 on the last lap of the race until everything went wrong when Michael McDowell threw a block too late. Is this the last chance to win in 2024? 

Circle B Diecast Block
  • With 16 races left, what’s next for Ford? It seems like the only answer is for them to make small little changes to their car to make it better over the year and hopefully, they can find a spot in the playoffs. What track do you think Ford has the best shot at next?
  • Ford are two-time defending champions and they currently still have a collection of future Hall of Fame drivers under their banner. Which one of these drivers do you think will be the first one to get to Victory Lane?
  • The way it’s been looking for Ford so far is that it could be a winless year for the manufacturer and that would be tragic in modern NASCAR. Do you think Ford is going to come out with a brand new body for next year or just make subtle adjustments to the Dark Horse?

Do you think Ford could be out of NASCAR completely? Will this make future rookies hesitate before signing to Ford? Do you think Josh Berry would be making a better first impression if he was in a different manufacturer? Let The Iceberg know all of your thoughts and questions in his comment section and watch more of his videos. 

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