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The Iceberg on The Daily Downforce

Grading the 2024 NASCAR Season

The Iceberg

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 As surprising as it may be we are already 25% of the way through the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series season some drivers have excelled, and others have disappointed. And now the Iceberg is here to grade every driver from A to F. What grade do you think your driver got?

  • There’s no secret of how much the Fords have been struggling this year. But we have seen good runs from multiple Fords this year like Brad Keselowski last week, so out of the entire Ford camp what driver do you think has the best grade?
  • Hendrick Motorsports has had a lot of success early in the season with wins from Larson, Byron, and Chase Elliott who won this week. so needless to say it’s clear who the least successful driver is in Hendrick for this early portion of the season. That being said, what grade do you think Bowman deserves? 
  • The Iceberg rates drivers based on their expectations. This means even drivers that aren’t driving top-tier equipment still have an opportunity of getting an A because they exceed expectations, so who do you think out of the mid-pack teams has the best grade?

So who do you think has the best grade, and the worst grade? Do you think drivers should be graded on expectations or just overall performance? What grade did your driver get? Be sure to let The Iceberg know all of your thoughts and questions in the comment section.

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