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Watching NFJJ: Carl Long’s Journey Back from the Death Penalty

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Carl Long has been in NASCAR since 1998, making many starts in all 3 touring series in NASCAR. Long had one of the most interesting, and turbulent journeys of anyone in the sport. It is extremely difficult to make it in NASCAR to begin with, and while Long was fortunate enough to make it to NASCAR’s top division, he had a setback like never before seen in 2009.

Youtuber NFJJ tells the Carl Long story in a recent upload. If you weren’t familiar with MBM Motorsports owner Carl Long before, strap in, because it is definitely a bumpy ride.

Carl Long did it the right way. Sure, he wasn’t winning races or posting top 10’s, but he made it. A small operation, Long had done it. To start the 2004 season, Long successfully qualified for the Subway 400 at Rockingham.

Unfortunately for Long, he would be involved in a major wreck, destroying his #46 Dodge. This was Long’s only Cup car, making the crash even more devastating.

Fans felt for Long, and essentially did a GoFundMe before it was a thing, sending Long donations via mail to help Long get back to the track. It seemed things were looking up for Long 5 years after the Rockingham crash, until the 2009 All Star open qualifying would present the ultimate set back, NASCAR’s equivalent to the death penalty, resulting from Long receiving an illegal engine from a supplier.

It was a massive 200 point, $200,000 penalty, and the fine was one that Long could not weather. Much like in 2004, fans came to the aid of Long, sending donations in to help pay the fine, to get Long back to the racetrack.

In the stands

Duane was moved by this story, becoming a fan of Long’s team MBM!

Brian thinks the penalty was way too harsh, and at least 88 people who watched agree as well.

MrWaifuTaker says that Long is cursed

John makes a comment that is all too real in today’s NASCAR…

It is certainly up for debate whether or not NASCAR came down too hard on Long. For a team as underfunded as his, just trying to make any show he could, the 2009 penalty was more than enough to cause him to close shop and never return.

Long never gave up however, making his way back to NASCAR, and made more starts than he had ever made before the penalty. No matter which side of the debate you are on, the fact remains that the resilience that long displayed is unmatched.

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Matt Smith

Matt Smith

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