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Watch This: The United States of NASCAR

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Matt Smith

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Army Air Force Exchange Veterans Block

In NASCAR’s 75-year history, there have been many drivers come and go. Of the thousands of drivers to compete at NASCAR’s highest level, only 204 have ever visited Victory Lane. Of those 204, 198 of them were born in the United States.

Dogleg Media host Matt Smith wanted to see how each state stacked up in Winners, Champions, and Hall of Famers in terms of drivers born in their state. Be sure to check it out below!

Matt outlines some key information for each state including;

  • Total Wins
  • Number of Unique Winners
  • Total Championships
  • Number of Unique Winners
  • Hall of Famers from each state

Be sure to stop in and see how your state stacks up in this Dogleg Media Special production.

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