What’s Happening?

As 2024 begins, the NASCAR world turns its focus from the season before to the season ahead. While there are a few things that NASCAR and the fans do know, there are many things they do not know. What are the most interesting unanswered questions for NASCAR heading into 2024?

  • NASCAR is in a major transition. 2024 is the last year of the current TV deal, and there is speculation of NASCAR going international. NASCAR also continues to tinker with its schedule year after year along with trying to reach a new demographic. The Next-Gen car is also a major topic of discussion.
  • This article will focus on big questions affecting NASCAR as a whole. We will stay away from the general questions surrounding how drivers will perform or what races to watch for.
  • Fans have plenty to speculate about regarding NASCAR. These questions could also affect fans in the future.

When Will the Netflix Documentary Release?

The NASCAR Netflix documentary will be released sometime in Early 2024. Now that 2024 is here, there is still no announcement for when the documentary will go live in the US. Given the original timeline of early 2024, an announcement is likely coming any day now.

This could be huge for NASCAR. It puts them in front of a potentially new audience, particularly a younger audience. Finding a way to reach that “Key demographic” is something NASCAR has to do in 2024.

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Will The Teams and NASCAR Come to a Charter Agreement?

The charter agreement still is not settled between NASCAR and the race teams. With the new TV deal in place, many guessed that the charter deal would be right behind, but, that has not happened. If a deal is not reached, disaster may strike.

Still, both the race teams and NASCAR understand that they probably need each other. Motorsports splits do not end well, just ask IndyCar. For now, it seems unlikely that there will be no deal, but, the longer it goes, the more concerning it gets.

What Will NASCAR on Peacock Look Like?

In 2023, Peacock held the streaming rights to three NASCAR Cup Series races, the Chicago Street Race, the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona, and the Championship race at Phoenix. For fans who watch races on the go, which races will be on Peacock?

No one knows yet, but, we are still a season away from NASCAR streaming races exclusively. Still, with streaming becoming more and more prevalent, it will be interesting to see how NBC uses Peacock in 2024.

What Video Game News Will We Get?

As of right now, we know that NASCAR will have a video game made by iRacing released in 2025. Very little else has been announced about the game, but, 2024 will likely be a year of information. It’s possible that things like trailers, release dates, and even some preliminary features could be announced.

Still, the game is over a year away. If the release date is later in 2025, there may not be much about the video game in 2024. NASCAR fans will have to be patient with the new video game in 2024.

Will NASCAR FINALLY Increase Horsepower?

The more time goes on, the more drivers and fans are asking NASCAR to increase horsepower. It seems like the most likely solution to fix the racing product on short tracks and road courses. However, NASCAR continues to keep from increasing it.

Will that change in 2024? If the racing product continues to struggle, maybe NASCAR will be forced to bump it up just a little bit. However, they still seem unwilling to add it for now.

Will these questions be answered the way the fans want in 2024? Time will tell, and these questions may be revisited at the end of the year.

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