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Ricky Rudd’s CRAZY Daytona Tumble

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One of the most wild things a stock car driver can experience is a barrel roll in Daytona, and luckily for fans, Ricky Rudd explained what it was like on The Scene Vault podcast. 

  • When stock cars were turned around in the past, they were likely to fly up in the air and come crashing back down. This was normal until roof flaps were invented. Are Roof Flaps one of the best inventions in NASCAR?
  • After Ricky Rudd’s flip he was unconscious and without a pulse in his car, but still found a way to race two days later. Is it good that NASCAR has a medical check for drivers now?
  • For the next few races, Ricky Rudd had to do one of the bravest things in NASCAR history: he taped his eyes open because they were swollen shut. Would you get back into a car if you couldn’t open your eyes?

What’s your favorite old-time NASCAR story? Do you think you can handle a incident like this? Let The Scene Vault know all of your thoughts and questions in the comment section.

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