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I Had Things I Was Afraid Of, But Speed Was Not One of Them

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Today, we’re going to take a look back on a driver who had one of the most unconventional routes to the NASCAR Cup Series. He was a pioneer of safety and is now a Hall of Famer. Ricky Rudd, Welcome to The Scene Vault Podcast. 

  • There are multiple paths to the NASCAR Cup Series we’ve seen drivers come up through local short track racing, Dirt over racing, and even trophy trucks, but all of those vehicles at least have four wheels. Is motocross the wildest way to make it into the Cup Series?
  • One of the most iconic things Ricky Rudd has done in his career was leaving a team behind because of safety issues. Is this the most integrity-filled move in NASCAR history?
  • Ricky Road was one of the drivers who experienced the Swick when NASCAR went from the giant “ Big Bertha” cars to the smaller, more compact cars. What style of car do you prefer?

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