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RFK’s Social Media Flooded with Surprise Crossover with F1’s Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly

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Article Contents

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What’s Happening

RFK Racing’s Chris Buescher and Brad Keselowski spent their Tuesday at a surprise F1 crossover with Alpine F1 drivers Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly. RFK teased Gasly and Ocon driving a next-gen car, drag racing, and “attempting” to pit a NASCAR Gen-7 car.

RFK also teased a video Castrol USA will release on this crossover sometime soon.

  • Ocon and Gasly stopped by Charlotte Motor Speedway for this crossover promotional event on the way to the Miami Grand Prix, which will be run this Sunday. The crossover featured competitions with Keselowski and Buescher.
  • Ocon and Gasly have both won races in F1, and are both from France.
  • Fans on social media expressed surprise and excitement about this crossover event. With a video being teased by Castrol USA, this is certainly not the last thing to be seen about this day.

The Main Characters

Ocon and Gasly both got a chance to drive the Next-Gen Car

Next it was Keselowski and Buescher’s turn, this time in a Ford GT?

Next, it was off to the drag strip!

There is a reason Buescher and Keselowski are in the car and not pitting the car.

Next, it was Ocon and Gasly’s turn.

In the Stands

This would be must-see.

What a sight that would be.

A one-off start for a CURRENT F1 driver would be…epic.

It is a nice Ford GT, I cannot deny that.


Angry Chase speaks for the NASCAR fan populus.

The best things in life seem to be a surprise.

RFK has been putting all of their social media energy into this today.

Race car drivers AND pit crew members are athletes.

From the Pressbox

Jeff Glock on Twitter releases some images to offer some more insight into the day.

Can much be taken from today’s posts on social media? Probably not. However, crossovers like this always strike intrigue amongst fans and competitors alive.

Aluma Trailers

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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