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Report: 2024 NASCAR Schedule Still In Flux

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Article Contents

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Picture of Cody Williams

Cody Williams

Cody Williams is the author of BUNNY BOY and THE FIFTH LINE. He lives near Bristol, TN.
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NASCAR remains 2-3 weeks out from releasing 2024 schedule amidst scheduling conflicts with tracks and other sporting events.

What’s Happening?

As the Playoffs get ready to kick off tonight in Darlington, many fans are wondering what next year’s schedule may look like. Well, according to FOX Sport’s Bob Pockrass, we may still be a couple of weeks away from knowing for sure what the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series schedule looks like, other than rumors that are neither confirmed nor denied.

You Need To Know:

  • As reported in Bob Pockrass’ tweet, there are still a lot of unknowns about the schedule heading into the 2024 season. One key factor that might force changes is the 2024 Summer Olympics which will be aired by NBC during their portion of the NASCAR schedule. Historically, NASCAR has taken a week or two off during that time so as not to compete head-to-head with the events, especially the opening and closing ceremonies.
  • Other than the possible kink with the scheduling of the Olympics, Bob also reported that there are several other spots in the schedule that remain up in the air. For one thing, Auto Club will be off the schedule entirely as they plan to turn the two-mile intermediate into a half-mile short track. A replacement, to the extent that there will be one, is to be determined. Other question marks include the Bristol spring race and whether or not it’ll be on dirt, concrete, or even if it’ll be run at all as rumors have suggested in the past that North Wilkesboro may take the date for itself. The only aspect of the 2024 schedule other than the set dates of the crown jewels is that, according to Bob, we should expect the return of the Brickyard 400 come 2024.
  • Fans are mixed when it comes to what they want to see on the schedule. A large majority seem to want the addition of Montreal. Beyond that, some want Bristol back on the concrete, others prefer dirt. Some look forward to the Indy Oval returning while others say that they’ll miss the INDYCAR/NASCAR doubleheader. And, of course, we always wanted them to bring back The Rock!

In a couple of weeks’ time, she should have a better understanding of what 2024 holds, schedule-wise for all three of NASCAR’s top national touring series. As soon as they get released, we here at the Daily Downforce will have you covered. In the meantime, you can check out other articles we’ve done on reports about the 2024 schedule below.

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The Main Characters

NASCAR representative, Ben Kennedy, has been very vocal about schedule changes in the past. While nothing has been confirmed nor denied when it comes to the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series schedule, when announcing the 2023 Chicago Street course, he did state that he’d be open to returning to Road American in future years. Can that possibly be an option? Will the street course return to Chicago next year? And, if not, will they “take the show on the road” to another big city?

Around The Garage

The Indy road course vs. Indy Oval debate has been a hot topic in the NASCAR garage this year. In the video below, one of NASCAR’s more influential voices, Dale Earnhardt Jr. debates with his Dale Jr. Download co-host about bringing the Indy Oval back in 2024. He also said that he’d like to get rid of the Charlotte Roval in favor of the oval, stating that if the races aren’t great, fix the cars as it should never be considered the track’s fault.

Denny Hamlin has also long supported a return to the oval. In his eyes, it’s a crown jewel that the road course just isn’t.

In The Stands

Karlkjr is curious about what will happen in regard to the Chicago street course for the 2024 schedule. TMan1236 responds, stating that they expect it on there but, after that season, it’ll move on to a different city.

CougarIndy25 predicts that NASCAR returning to the concrete in the spring at Bristol will have good attendance numbers the first year of its return but will then nosedive in subsequent years.

pikachu8090 says that they will miss the INDYCAR/NASCAR doubleheader as it was run to see the two top motorsports in America together at the same track.

Pudge2424 says that if NASCAR doesn’t score Montreal, the 2024 schedule has already failed. Potential_Plan_4533 says that NASCAR wants it to happen, some details just need an ironing out.

Campman92 wants the Rock back! Don’t we all!? But KendallBlakeCruse says that some work needs to be done before NASCAR can return there, at least with the Cup Series. But they seem pretty optimistic for the future of the track and the series.

AwesomeEzra619 wants Montreal added, too.

xesrightyouknow predicts that the 2024 NASCAR schedule will be the best in the history of the sport. We shall see! Fingers firmly crossed!

MaxPres24 wants to see NASCAR keep the dirt layout on the Bristol spring race. FalseWeeknd just enjoys Bristol in general…but would be okay if they lost a date to the Nashville Fairgrounds. Bristol is my hope track…but yeah, I’d be cool with trading a date for either the Fairgrounds or North Wilkesboro.

ApocApollo criticizes fans who want the Indy and Charlotte Ovals to return in the summer/fall months, claiming that they want less variety on the schedule. I must admit, I struggle with this myself. But how much do I care?

Yes, Scootydoot12, I, too would love for them to go back to Road America. That’s a great track!

thegodfaubel says that the doubleheader makes a lot more sense now, considering the potential for the Olympic break.

On Your Screen

PRN on their podcast/radio show had this to say after the Indy Oval tire test last month.

Our friend from over at Out of the Groove, Eric Estepp, made the following video creating what, in his eyes, would be the perfect 2024 NASCAR schedule.

YouTuber, Daniel Kriete also uploaded his official 2024 NASCAR schedule predictions video. Check it out.

What are your thoughts, Daily Downforce readers? What tracks would you like to see on the 2024 NASCAR schedule? What are some of the big changes you would make compared to ’23? Let us know and follow us on Twitter (or, X?), Facebook, and Instagram! And keep it right here at for all your latest news, rumors, stories, and discussions in the world of NASCAR!

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Picture of Cody Williams

Cody Williams

Cody Williams is the author of BUNNY BOY and THE FIFTH LINE. He lives near Bristol, TN.
All Posts