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Next Gen Creators Podcast

Next Gen Creators: The Iceberg on Strong Friendships and Being True to Himself

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Jaret Lundberg, “The Iceberg”, is our next guest on Next-Gen Creators. Jaret talks about his story as a NASCAR content creator, and how he created some great friendships along the way. However, he has done all of that while also being true to himself.

  • Jaret grew up a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan, but, when he retired, how did YouTube help Jaret keep up his fandom?
  • Jaret talks about how he got acquainted with those who made the NASCAR Weekly Podcast what it is today, and now it has 250 episodes.
  • In terms of being true to himself, Jaret talks about some opinions he has held that are somewhat controversial, specifically talking about the Chase format and the old Winston Cup points standings.

“The Iceberg” can now proudly say that the NASCAR Weekly Podcast has 250 episodes, and he has a YouTube channel to be proud of on top of that. However, he has gotten more than just a fun hobby with this success.

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