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Next Gen Creators Podcast

Next Gen Creators: Black Flags Matter Working his Way Up the Content Creator Ranks

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The next episode of Next-Gen Creators features Darian Gilliam. Gilliam works on the YouTube channel Black Flags Matter, and he also recently started working with Stark Raving Sports. His channel philosophy is highlighting the good and bad of motorsports.

  • Darian has faced many challenges and learned many lessons while trying to work his way through the NASCAR content creation ranks.
  • What other types of content aside from NASCAR does Darian want to do and is he doing currently?
  • How did the partnership with Stark Raving Sports come about?

Gilliam has been a NASCAR YouTuber for a long time, but now, he is starting to branch out a bit with a new partnership with Stark Raving Sports. He worked his way up to being credentialed at two of the biggest motorsports events in the world, the Daytona 500 and the Indianapolis 500. It took time and a lot of lessons, but he found his way through the NASCAR content creation ranks.

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