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NASCAR YouTube Reacts to the New 2025 TV Deal

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The NASCAR media rights deal has a lot of people talking, including some of your favorite YouTubers. Here is a look at which NASCAR YouTubers commented on NASCAR’s 2025 media rights deal.

Eric Estepp

Eric promised that he would analyze this deal in more detail sometime in the future, but he did give his initial thoughts in this video. There were some things that he liked, but there were a couple of things he didn’t “love”.

Bologna Burger

Bologna Burger broke down everything regarding the media rights deal from streaming to cable to the lack of network TV presence. He breaks down how different fans feel about the deal from those who hang on to cable to those who are moving towards streaming.

The Iceberg

The Iceberg breaks down all of NASCAR’s TV partners and even some of the races that these partners will cover starting in 2025. He does pose the question about whether or not NASCAR trying to balance between both streaming and traditional TV is better than just going all-in on traditional TV or streaming.


DannyB briefly breaks down what NASCAR’s media rights deal will look like from 2025 onward. He spent a lot of time talking about the 40% revenue increase NASCAR got from this TV deal.

Jett MDK

Jett MDK discusses all of the good and all of the bad of NASCAR’s next TV deal. From the emphasis on streaming to the increase in revenue. He called the new TV deal, “In preparation for the future” due to that emphasis on streaming.

Daniel Kriete

Daniel Kriete breaks down the TV deal, and he offers his own opinion on how the next TV deal will do. He talks about the lack of races on broadcast TV and NASCAR being on so many different networks starting in 2025. He called Amazon’s presence, “Really exciting and really awesome”.


BrakeHard called the new media deal “Substantial”. He breaks down some of the marquee events that the new media partners will get, along with how they spread out the events throughout the partners. He also talks about the new emphasis on streaming and how it breaks down.


RealRadman takes his fans through all the major details and all of the reports surrounding the next TV deal. He discusses all of the different members, the cost to NASCAR fans, and how much money NASCAR will get from the TV deal.

Nikolai P. Culp

Nikolai P. Culp goes through every detail that a fan needs to know about the next TV deal. He goes through the NASCAR Press Release and talks about all of the highlights regarding this deal from new partners, to streaming, and everything in between.

Alan Bailey

Alan Bailey on his show, “Shifting Gears” talks about all of the major changes going on with the 2025 TV deal. He also breaks down comments made by Steve Phelps that could give some insight into the deal. Bailey also brings up some personal experience in the professional sports world to talk about the impact of a deal like this.

NASCAR’s TV deal got a lot of people talking. Do you agree with what some of these YouTubers had to say?

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