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NASCAR Reddit: Just How Important is the Manufacturer to the Average Fan?

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The old saying of stock car racing was “Race on Sunday, sell cars on Monday.” Since then, NASCAR has evolved from cars straight off of the showroom floor to proprietary cars designed specifically for competition in a NASCAR race.

Now that the cars are merely race cars with stock looking elements to them, the question must be asked. Does brand loyalty to manufacturers still matter to an average fan? NASCAR Reddit set out to answer that question.

From the Stands

Kodyaufan2 says that in the South, manufacturer loyalty is still incredibly important.

Those Pontiac noses did look good.

To Strict_Zebra_3585, manufacturere loyalty is still vitally important.

SphericalLemur78 does not understand why some get so caught up in manufacturers.

26oftheArgh leans more towards driver loyalty than manufacturer loyalty.

tjeepdrv2 still roots for Ford even after many years and drivers retiring.

ReactiveCypress is more of a manufacturer than an individual driver guy.

To ScoeSpence, his loyalty has changed over the years somewhat.

jcbshortfilms roots for Ford, with one rare exception.

To Nowhowers65, manufacturer loyalty does not matter much.

To thegodfaubel, it does not matter at all.


Obviously this Reddit thread is not exhaustive by any means, but it shows that manufacturer loyalty is a big factor to some. Even though the face of the sport has changed over the years, and the cars are a far cry from traditional “stock cars”.

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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