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The Iceberg on The Daily Downforce

NASCAR Hype Trains

The Iceberg

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Hype trains exist in all sports, but usually they’re reserved for either players coaches, or maybe sometimes even positions But in NASCAR, you have tracks manufacturers video games, and drivers.

  • Back in the day when we found out that Tony Stewart was moving from Joe Gibbs racing to start his own team, he wasn’t going to drive Toyotas. There was a huge hype train around that. Do you think we can ever see something like that again? 
  • NASCAR fans are used to hype trains surrounding video games and after the announcement of NASCAR 25, there’s no doubt that we’re on one. Do you think this hype train is going to lead to good things? 
  • With Chase Elliot finding his way back to Victory Lane, he’s on his train. What other drivers do you think could do something to have a hype train like this?

Are there any other hype trains that you can think of in the sport? Maybe hype trains that happened in the past that let us to where we are today? If you can think of any, let The Iceberg know in his comment section.

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