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NASCAR Fans React to The Xfinity Series Going to The CW

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The NASCAR Xfinity Series is going to be broadcasted on The CW starting in 2025, and the fans had a lot to say about the move.

The CW getting the Xfinity Series came as a surprise to many. People on social media seemed to warm up to the idea as they thought about it. They liked the idea of the Xfinity Series being available for free on broadcast TV.

Some did show come skepticism because of The CW not being as prominent as other TV channels. Others wondered about who would commentate. Speaking of commentators, a couple of people even suggested their own booths for NASCAR on The CW.

It is a move that seems to have gernered generally positive feedback from the fanbase, but it is not universal. There are many questions still to be answered, and these people tried to answer them.

In the Stands

Nicholas and Rusty describe more about the type of sports that The CW has looked to add. The CW has gained some traction in the sports broadcasting world in the recent days.

The question becomes how much TV money does NASCAR give out per race? That determines how these purses will work. The main benefit of this is how much easier it is to sell sponsors, but a higher purse is always a positive for race teams.

Derek J. Yoder is a fan of this move, for the simple reason that The CW seemed to want the Xfinity Series. If they wanted the series, then that seems to be a good thing.

Logan likes the move of NASCAR to broadcast TV. He feels that success depends on how The CW invests in the sport.

Matther Dunham has a couple of questions for this, and the first one being how The CW handles college football and Xfinity racing on the same day. It’s a similar issue with FOX and NBC today, and FOX famously cut away from a Truck Series race at Martinsville a few years ago shortly after technical issues because of college football.

David Lerner is not so sure about this move, mainly because of The CW not being as big of a network as other ones. He feels the booth is very important.

Neal Lawson feels that The CW being able to dedicate all of their sports resources to one thing is a big deal. He even suggests the Cup Series to The CW.

On Your Screen

Elite Precision 29 is taking a balanced view with this. There are a lot of positives, but there are also a lot of unknowns with this move.

Quite the Stern-Bomb to wake up to indeed DannyB.

DennyDeliversYT wants to bring back

Darian’s opinions ranged from the commentators they could use to the benefits and detractors of this move.

Darian initially said he would have preferred Amazon, but the deal is ultimately pretty good.

Darian has three words that make this deal make sense for NASCAR. They just happen to all sound and be spelled the same.

From the Pressbox

Jeff Gluck got an interesting comment from Brian Herbst about start times for the Xfinity Series. The preference seeming to be a Saturday night race after a football game in the fall.

Doug Rice mentions that a dedicated broadcast crew is a positive for the Series.

The Xfinity Series to The CW is one of the most surprising moves in the history of NASCAR media. Will it work? Time will tell.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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