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NASCAR Fans Overjoyed at Kasey Kahne’s Possible Return to NASCAR

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Kasey Kahne recently said to Deb Williams of Autoweek that he is interested in running in NASCAR again sometime soon.

Kasey Kahne coming back to NASCAR? Sign me up said pretty much everyone on social media! This stems from a quote originally from a Deb Williams article in Autoweek, shared by Jayski where Kahne expressed interest in running a stock car again.

“I think it would be great to run a stock car again.” Kahne said.

  • Kasey Kahne retired from NASCAR competition following the 2018 season. That season was cut short after issues with heat exhaustion at Darlington, and Kahne would not get back in the race car for the rest of the season.
  • Since retiring from NASCAR, Kahne has opened up his own World of Outlaws sprint car racing team, Kasey Kahne Racing, where he competes full-time. He also was recently named to NASCAR’s 75 greatest drivers list that was honored last weekend at Darlington.
  • Social media jumped on the possibility of Kasey Kahne coming back to NASCAR. Most fans would love to see the Washington native return to the sport.

Around the Garage

Jeb Burton would love to see it.

In the Stands

Sam Cole would love to see Kasey Kahne racing again.

WaveAround has a team that Kahne can drive for.

I think that ship has sailed.

I’m all for this.

Not a bad idea in any way.

That car still exists. It runs in the Arca Menards Series.

He’s one of NASCAR’s 75 greatest drivers and is younger than Kevin Harvick.

How old is this meme? It’s still a perfect meme for this moment.

A fair concern. Kahne did have issues with heat exhaustion towards the end of his career.

Hawk Luxxington will be there if Kasey Kahne makes his return.

Oh we can only imagine.

Samantha wants to see SpongeBob back.

I have seen far worse ideas.

On Your Screen

Project 91 at Bristol Dirt?

Kasey Kahne returning is obviously very popular amongst the fans. How likely is it that it will ever happen?

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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