In this episode of Out of the Groove, our host Eric Estepp takes us through some of the drivers that he thinks may be sitting in the “hot seat” through the 2024 season. Reasons for why a driver lands in their category varies from situation to situation but the pressure is real, nonetheless. What drivers does Eric think have something to prove this upcoming season? Find out all that and more in this latest OOTG episode.

  • Eric starts the video by listing drivers he thinks are in the “Lukewarm” category. These drivers likely aren’t in any danger of losing their rides but are feeling more pressure than others heading into the 2024 season. He calls this his “honorable mentions” category. These drivers can be feeling more pressure due to off-track incidents and contract negotiations.
  • To spice things up just a tad, Eric moves to the drivers he thinks are “Sweating” heading into the 2024 season. These are drivers, such as Todd Gilliland, who may have a good relationship with a team but only historically sign one-year deals. If everything (including sponsorship) isn’t able to pull itself together by the late summer/early fall, these drivers could very well be on the outside looking in.
  • Things then get steamy as Eric tells us the drivers and seats he thinks are “Boiling” come 2024. This is the only category where only one driver is listed. Who made the “Boiling” cut? Here’s a hint: This driver may be in trouble, unless his performance radically improves, due to an abundance of talented signed drivers but with limited seats available.
  • The driver in the “Scorching” category is a driver who needs to “put up or shut up” when it comes to his performance. This driver has long been a work in progress with little improvement and 2024 might just be his last chance with his current team.

How will these drivers fare in 2024? Eric and the Out of the Groove team will definitely be keeping an eye on how these drivers perform in their make-or-break season.

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