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BrakeHard on The Daily Downforce

NASCAR Draft Day, Let’s Assemble The Best 4-Car Team

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The NFL Draft is upon us, and Brakehard is doing the draft NASCAR style. Who would the best 4-car NASCAR team be based on Brakehard’s NASCAR draft?

  • Brakehard goes with a solid veteran in his prime with the first pick. This driver may surprise some people.
  • Brakehard goes with some youth for the second pick in the draft. A driver who could be considered the best in NASCAR at this point.
  • The third pick goes to a current Xfinity Series driver. Brakehard knows who the popular pick might be, but, is that the right pick?
  • The final pick is a current Truck Series driver. This pick seems obvious, and Brakehard chooses not to overthink it, even if there are other drivers he loves.

Who would you pick in the NASCAR draft? Let Brakehard know in the comments section, and be sure to subscribe for the latest NASCAR news.

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