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More Hints Surface Of NASCAR’s Electric Car Future

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What’s Happening?

As the automotive world continues to evolve, NASCAR is exploring the possibilities of electric cars. Today, it looks like NASCAR is moving to involve themselves with electric cars further, at least to explore what it could look like. This includes a rumored Formula E race at a NASCAR-owned track and a potential partnership with UFC President Dana White.

  • In February, NASCAR planned to demonstrate an electric car prototype at the Clash at the LA Coliseum. However, rain that weekend ultimately canceled the exhibition. NASCAR has stopped short of committing to go fully electric in the future as it also explores other alternative fuel options.
  • This is the first time NASCAR has showcased much regarding electric vehicles since that planned exhibition. Could this spell some insight into NASCAR’s future plans?
  • Fans are very split on electric vehicles in NASCAR. Some are staunchly against any type of electric vehicle in NASCAR, and that’s part of why NASCAR has not made a view yet.

Formula E to Homestead

Sam Smith of The Race reports that Formula E is set to announce two new venues for the 2025 schedule: one race in Thailand and one at Homestead-Miami Speedway, a track owned by NASCAR. Smith further reports that the race will be held on the infield road course and has a rumored date of April 2025.

Adam Stern also reported that before this news came out, NASCAR Vice President Ben Kennedy and Formula E CEO Jeff Dodds are “Close”. What does this ultimately mean for NASCAR?

While we probably won’t see an electric car in the Cup Series anytime soon, if at all, what about a companion weekend between NASCAR and Formula E? NASCAR has held a race weekend with series racing different layouts on the same track before. In 2020, the Cup Series raced in the Brickyard 400 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway oval, while the Xfinity Series raced on the infield road course on the same weekend.

It would require moving Homestead-Miami up in the schedule to April, which would be more than doable as NASCAR held the second race of the season there in February of 2021. However, moving it out of the Playoffs might not be popular with fans.

Maybe next year is not the time, but the interest is certainly there. Remember that rumor that NASCAR was exploring a race around Dodger Stadium? Stern reports that NASCAR was looking at partnering with Formula E for that potential race weekend.

Dana White’s Electric NASCAR Series

Dana White, the current President and CEO of the UFC, joined the FLAGRANT podcast on Wednesday. and he teased a potential deal with NASCAR. He has a meeting with NASCAR for an electric series. He said so while listing off all of the businesses he owns.

We own Travis Pastrana’s nitrocross, which is electric car racing. We’re actually after Fourth of July, I do Fourth of July at my house in Maine, I’m flying to NASCAR, and we’re doing a deal with NASCAR. We’re going to be the electric series for NASCAR. We’re working on that deal right now.

Dana White

Now, Dana White was spitballing a ton of different businesses he owns, so details are scarce. However, this huge deal could come to fruition within the next month. Dale Earnhardt Jr. was one of the individuals who retweeted a clip cut by Bozi Tatarevic on X.

What exactly could a partnership like this look like? Travis Pastrana originally founded Nitrocross, and Pastrana has raced in NASCAR, most recently starting the 2023 Daytona 500 for 23XI Racing. Nitrocross unveiled the Group-E Electric Class in 2022.

Would NASCAR take over as the sanctioning body of Nitrocross’ electric division? Could NASCAR use the technology to create some sort of electric series under the NASCAR banner? We don’t know, but it seems the news is coming sooner rather than later.

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