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Kyle Busch to the Indy 500 May Never Happen…Social Media Reacts

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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Social media reacts to Kyle Busch saying that he is no longer contacting teams regarding a future Indianapolis 500 ride.

What’s Happening?

Kyle Busch has expressed a few times that he has a desire to run in the Indianapolis 500. However, he mentioned today to Bob Pockrass that there has not been any team willing to field that car for Busch at Indianapolis. He expressed that he is no longer calling teams.

  • Kyle Busch is not the only NASCAR driver who has looked to run the Indianapolis 500, as Kyle Larson will be running it with McLaren in 2024. Busch expressed that that was the ride he was, “Slated to get”. Unfortunately for Kyle, it is up to if a team decides to call him whether or not he will ever run at Indianapolis.
  • Kyle Busch has won two NASCAR races at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 2015 and 2016. Kyle’s brother Kurt Busch ran the Indy 500 in 2014 finishing an impressive sixth place. Other drivers to attempt the “Double” include John Andretti, Davy Jones, Ronny Gordon, and Tony Stewart.
  • Fans expressed some sadness and disappointment for this outcome. Many fans have interest in Kyle running an Indianapolis 500.

In the Stands


Haas is an F1 team, but a good effort Steve.

This is actually quite a clever idea. A good exhibition idea.

A big time missed opportunity.

Apparently people did not want him.

A valid point. IndyCar has grown in recent years, but the amount of one-off teams seems to get smaller.

This may be a bit extreme

Kyle Larson did find a ride despite this.

On Your Screen

A missed opportunity it definitely is ElitePrecision29.

This is definitely a disappointment to Kyle Busch and his fans. However, the door does not seem to be completely closed on an Indianapolis 500 run. So, there is not a complete loss of hope.

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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