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Made in Level Cross w/ Thad Moffitt

Greg Steadman’s NASCAR Career

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In this episode of ‘Made In Level Cross’, hosts Thad Moffitt and Rowland George dive into the life of Greg Steadman. As the current COO of Petty’s Garage, Greg shares his story from his start in racing to eventually becoming a vital part of Petty Enterprises and their transition to Petty’s Garage. Greg shares his experience as a crew chief and his role in Thad’s journey into racing as well as what the future holds for Petty’s Garage.

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  • 00:45 Greg’s Journey to Racing
  • 02:31 Early Career at Petty Enterprises
  • 08:36 Transition to Petty’s Garage and New Challenges
  • 16:43 Reflections on Changes in the Racing Industry
  • 21:18 Mentoring Thad Moffitt in Racing
  • 34:22 A Word from Our Sponsors
  • 36:07 Post-Interview Reflections
  • 39:00 Thad Moffitt’s Walk Down Memory Lane: Past Interviews
  • 39:56 Fun Segment: Favorite Things

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