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It may have been an off-weekend for the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, but, not for Dale Tanhardt and Joshua Lipowski! They sat down to discuss both the last race at COTA and the upcoming race at Martinsville, alongside who some of the breakout stars have been in the Truck Series this season. They also discuss whether or not NASCAR should give stiffer penalties to backmarkers who cause late cautions, potentially costing other drivers wins.

  • The COTA race gave the pair plenty to talk about, including a viral NASCAR moment. Marco Andretti’s rear-end housing broke loose from his car in one of the most bizarre incidents in NASCAR history. Tanhardt and Lipowski give their theories on what went wrong.
  • Dale Tanhardt is none-too-pleased with drivers well out of contention causing late cautions that could potentially take frontrunners out of a chance to win races. Is there a solution to this? Lipowski and Tanhardt debate whether or not NASCAR can or should do something about this.
  • With the season 5 races old and every track type on the calendar visited, it feels like as good of a time as any to look at which drivers are performing well at this point. Lipowski and Tanhardt highlight 5 drivers that have impressed them so far this season. Do these drivers have the Cup Series on the horizon?
  • Finally, the two break down the upcoming race at Martinsville Speedway. Lipowski goes with some potentially unorthodox selections for which drivers could win, fade, and upset on Friday. Tanhardt gives his selections as well, including a potentially controversial fade pick.

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