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Fans React to Iowa Entering the 2024 Schedule

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Another piece of the 2024 schedule reportedly fell into place on Monday when Jeff Gluck reported that Iowa Speedway would join the Cup Series schedule in 2024. Fans took to their keyboards and gave their own honest thoughts on Iowa entering the 2024 calendar, so, what did they think?

The In Favor of Adding Iowa

Many fans were excited to see the news of Iowa Speedway being added to the 2024 calendar. They are excited to see a race track that was once abandoned by NASCAR come back for another chance. It is a brand new race track, and some fans who live near the track are excited to finally have NASCAR in their town. Some even asked for IndyCar star Joseph Newgarden to come and race in NASCAR at the track.

A lot of excitement here from Skewcar

As a massive baseball fan and a massive Field of Dreams fan, I approve of this gif.

It looks like Alder Hanson will be at the race.

Could Joseph Newgarden become the next SVG?

Another person asking for Joseph Newgarden to come and race in NASCAR.

Kaleb L is excited, but he wishes the car was better.

Brandon Baker is another fan who may be able to go to a race closer to home thanks to this race being added.

Blake Anderson is excited to finally see a race in his area of the country.

KarmaMJO on Reddit says that this is the track that can put on a good show with the current Next-Gen car.

byu/randomaccount330 from discussion

The IndyCar weekend probably had a lot of influence on NASCAR going to Iowa.

byu/randomaccount330 from discussion

Those Against Adding Iowa

Some fans, however, are a bit more skeptical about the race. They particularly look at the questionable short track product as a reason to wonder whether or not the race will be good. Some are also upset that Montreal did not work out to join the 2024 calendar.

Rusty Shackleford says that the cars will make the track not look as good as it could.

NASDude is upset that Montreal is not joining the 2024 calendar.

Andrew is concerned about the current state of the short track package.

Julian Spivey does not want a short track added with the short track package the way that it is.

It seems that way a-dawg.

Yay, Iowa is here, but the Short track package?

Some fans are excited to see Iowa back, but the short track package is their concern. The short track package has produced some lackluster short track races in the Next-Gen era. As a result, some like the move, but they are hesitant about how the racing product could be.

I’m assuming Everett Martell is talking about the short track package.

Eric_22 says the racing product will be “subpar” if the short track package does not get better.

BeamKings says a “disaster car” will ruin Iowa despite it being a great race track.

On Your Screen and Around the Garage

A few NASCAR content creators and drivers gave their thoughts on Iowa coming to the 2024 schedule. The reception from this group seemed to be generally positive.

Darian seems to be very excited about Iowa coming back.

In fairness to DannyB, how many of you were planning a trip to Iowa soon? Still, this is great for the state to gain a NASCAR race.

Eric Estepp is excited, but the potential loss of Montreal is a major disappointment.

Chase Briscoe is a fan of the move

Count Kyle Weatherman in.

ElitePrecision29 is hoping for a better short track package.

Myatt Snider is excited to see Iowa return, calling it a “phenomenal” race track.

Iowa Speedway returning has really struck a nerve whether it is a fan, a driver, or a YouTuber. The return of Iowa Speedway is set to be one of the most interesting dates on the 2024 calendar.

Let us know what you think

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