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Fans Give Their Take on NASCAR Changing the Rule that Screwed Kevin Harvick

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Kevin Harvick was bitten by an untimely caution on Sunday night at Darlington, and we posed the question to fans about whether or not what happened warranted a rules change. The Daily Downforce readers, like always, did not disappoint, and they came up with some very interesting responses.

NASCAR Should Make a Rules Change

Some people asked for NASCAR to make some sort of a rules change. They believed that Harvick was clearly committed to pit road, and as a result, having pit road close at that inopportune time was just not fair to Harvick. Some people asked for NASCAR to move the commitment line back or adjust how the rule works for pitting under caution.

Brian Murphy believes that NASCAR should work on moving the commitment line back.

Mytmunch says that there should be a “reaction time” zone added to pit road for situations like this.

Dusty believes that they should move the commitment line back to the commitment box.

The Gaming Life says that Harvick was clearly committed, but he was unable to pass the commitment line.

Dave Schellinger

NASCAR Should NOT Make a Rules Change

Others felt that there should be no rule change for the Kevin Harvick incident. This was just a very unlucky break for Harvick, and they made a mistake by choosing to service the car under caution instead of just passing through pit road.

Curly0007 says that there needs to be no change to the rules, and he is quite vehement about it.

JBrig said that this is down to bad communication by Harvick and Childers.

John R. called it a “bad break”

J, a noted Harvick fan, believes there is no need to make a rules change.

Levi said that this is not a common enough occurrence to warrant a rule change.

Clint Midwestwood said that Harvick had the option not to stop, but he did not.

JBonneville said that the outrage is primarily because of it being Kevin Harvick, and the rule should not be changed just because of one person.

Derek Parsons asks the question about how they even fix this.

There are plenty of different opinions on this issue, but it is still not fully known if NASCAR will do anything about this. We will have to see, but fans remain split on this issue.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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