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Made in Level Cross w/ Thad Moffitt

Eric Estepp’s Controversial Matt Kenseth Opinion

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This episode features a conversation with Eric Estepp, a popular NASCAR Influencer known for his popular channel ‘Out of the Groove’. Eric speaks about his journey in the NASCAR YouTube realm, starting with die-cast stop-motion videos to becoming the number one NASCAR YouTuber. He shares insights about his transitioning content, his passion for NASCAR, and his role as a content creator. Estepp also reminisces about having his face on a race car and his favorite tracks. The episode wraps up with a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming opportunities for the show’s co-host, Thad Moffitt, in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series.

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  • 00:07 Guest Introduction
  • 01:02 Eric Estep’s Journey to Becoming a NASCAR Influencer
  • 12:20 The Impact of Family Support on Eric’s Career
  • 24:36 The Future of Eric’s Influence in NASCAR
  • 27:11 Eric’s Controversial Matt Kenseth view
  • 30:21 Word from Sponsors
  • 32:07 Post-Interview Reflections
  • 34:38 Unveiling Future Plans

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