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David Land: Controversial, But From a Place of Love and Appreciation

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What’s Happening?

David Land is the primary voice of IndyCar on YouTube, but, he is not afraid to share his opinions on NASCAR. While his opinions on NASCAR can be controversial, he’s a genuine fan of NASCAR and motorsports as a whole. Get to know David Land.

  • David Land’s love of motorsports stems from a deep love for the Indianapolis 500 and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It’s more than just a race for him, it’s a family affair that he enjoys from the stands every year despite his new position in IndyCar media. He now is the premier YouTube voice of IndyCar.
  • As far as NASCAR goes, David Land grew up during NASCAR’s boom in the 1990s and 2000s. He loved NASCAR growing up, and he still does to this day. However, he is very honest about the things he does not like about the sport.
  • David Land shares some of the things he genuinely likes about modern NASCAR. Despite his gripes with many things, he is impressed by other things that NASCAR is doing. He also has befriended a few NASCAR content creators along the way.

David Land has some strong opinions on NASCAR, but, he’s someone who wants to see NASCAR and motorsports as a whole succeed. He’s turned that love into a full-time career covering IndyCar on YouTube.

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