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Daniel Hemric to the Kaulig 31: What You Need to Know

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Kaulig Racing officially announced their driver for 2024, Daniel Hemric

What’s Happening?

Kaulig Racing officially announced that Daniel Hemric will be driving the #31 car in 2024 for Kaulig Racing. No further announcement was made regarding contract length or the plans for the #16 car in 2024.

You Need to Know:

  • Daniel Hemric is the 2021 NASCAR Xfinity Series Champion, and he spent the 2019 season in the Cup Series with Richard Childress Racing. He has driven in the Cup Series for Kaulig before in 2022 for nine races in the #16 car.
  • Kaulig Racing is currently in their second season in the NASCAR Cup Series. It is still unclear what the #16 car will be in 2024 with the recent rumors surrounding A.J. Allmendinger. Chris Rice did say that Allmendinger was important to them and that Allmendinger was consulted when picking Hemric.
  • Fan reactions ranged from people being happy about how they were able to guess the arms to some being underwhelmed by the hiring. Some felt that Hemric does not fit the bill as “surprising”, and they are not sure if Hemric is that big of an upgrade, to begin with.

In the Stands

Zane Campbell was disappointed to see Daniel Hemric be the driver announced.

Jayleen Rose was not particularly shocked by the Hemric signing.

Austin Paul is happy to see Hemric getting another shot in the Cup Series.

Pat is an aspiring arm scientist now.

randomshy26 is excited to see Hemric get another shot at Cup.

Marco said that this did not warrant being dragged out as much as it was.

Zackery Davis says that this did not warrant being built up.

Radael Reis likes Hemric, but he does not understand the announcement.

On Your Screen

DannyB discussed the freckle that gave away Hemric for next year.

Pete Pistone predicted it, but he admitted it was not too difficult of a prediction.

Well, it is Daniel Hemric in 2024 driving the #31 for Kaulig Racing. Whether or not it will work is unsure. It is not the most flashy pick, but it is understandable.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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