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A NASCAR Cup Series Driver Might FINALLY Race In Australian Supercars

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That guy you’ve seen on TikTok talking about cars going right and sometimes left.

The Australian invasion into NASCAR has been a successful one. With SVG picking up three wins already and multiple teams trying to fill in an Australian supercar driver for every single road race, it’s safe to say it’s been very successful. But maybe it’s time that Australia gets a taste of what a NASCAR driver can do over there. Brake Hard is here to take us through the driver who’s rumored to be making an Australian supercar start.

  • NASCAR drivers are way better at road courses than they were a decade ago since they have become such an important part of the schedule. Out of all Cup Series drivers, which driver do you think would have the most successful run in Australian supercars?
  • There’s no doubt that Australian supercars will get a lot of attention  if Kyle Busch runs a race over there. Is this extra media attention enough for them to make an exception for him to race? 
  • Kyle Busch is one of the best NASCAR drivers of all time but he’s been going through a really bad slump in the last year. How do you think Kyle Busch would perform in Australian supercars? 

Would you be watching if Kyle Busch ran in Australian supercars? Do you want to see more NASCAR drivers attempt other series? Let Brake Hard know all of your thoughts and questions in the comment session.

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