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Out of the Groove on The Daily Downforce

Why “Aero-Blocking” Has Gotten Worse

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Eric Estepp

The #1 NASCAR content creator on YouTube, Eric Estepp hosts Out of the Groove, a daily talk show covering news and trending topics in the NASCAR fan community.

It’s early in the NASCAR week but the news never stops today. Eric Estepp gets on Out Of The Groove and talks about the recent updates from the charter negotiations and Danny Hamlin calling out the fans. Also, Eric gives a possible solution to the aero-blocking problem.

  • When the Next Gen car came out, it focused on having parody and making every driver equal so that every driver has a greater chance to be successful, but slowly NASCAR fans are realizing that if every driver has a chance of being successful, then one driver has less of a chance of being extremely successful and that’s the easiest way to make superstars. Do you think that the next car will hurt the sport in the long run?
  • Denny Hamlin called out the NASCAR fans on his podcast actions detrimental when he said something along, the lines of “fans wouldn’t make such a deal about Aero-blocking if he wasn’t the winner”. Do you think Hamlin saving his tires and being more conservative than Larson could be the reason that he won or was it simply aero-blocking? 
  • Curtis Polk from 23XI has finally let the fans know exactly what the race teams are searching for in the Charter Agreement and one of those things includes having a seat at the table for decision-making. Would this improve NASCAR as a whole if the teams were allowed to make decisions?

What are possible solutions to the aero-blocking problem? Is it time that we see a next Gen 2.0? Do you think NASCAR and the teams may split? let Eric know all of your thoughts and questions in the Out Of The Groove comment section. He reads them all.

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