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What Is Holding Up the NASCAR Schedule?

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The release of the 2024 NASCAR schedule remains a mystery. No one really knows yet when it will be released, but the bigger question is what is the hold-up? Well, here are some ideas for what is holding up the 2024 schedule.

Montreal Negotiations

Bob Pockrass reported that the schedule was still maybe 2-3 weeks away, which is what he has been saying for the past more than 2-3 weeks. Each time, he mentions Montreal, and how that deal is still not finalized. If NASCAR really wants to go there, there are likely a lot of hoops to jump through.

With it being an international trip, that makes it that much more complicated of a race to schedule than a race somewhere in the United States. It would make sense for this race to be one of the things or the thing that is holding up the 2024 schedule. If Montreal falls through, then another track would have to replace it, and that could prolong this schedule even more.

The Olympics

A wrench that has been thrown into NASCAR’s 2024 plans is the 2024 Summer Olympics, which NBC broadcasts. This means NASCAR would likely need to take a two-week break for the Olympics which happen between July 26th and August 11th. Road America in the Xfinity Series was already reportedly a casualty of the Olympics.

The Summer Olympics would either force NASCAR to add an extra week to the end of the schedule or maybe try another doubleheader weekend. The Doubleheader weekend idea was floated out there by Door Bumper Clear, and we gave a few suggestions for where this weekend could be held.

The Replacement for Auto Club Speedway

In the above tweet, Pockrass reported that Montreal was a candidate to take Auto Club Speedway’s place on the 2024 calendar. If that fails, then there needs to be another track to take the place of Auto Club Speedway on the schedule. The problem is there are not a lot of NASCAR-ready race tracks in Southern California.

NASCAR has some tough decisions to make in regards to Auto Club Speedway, but, it is a track that rumor has it has not started demolition yet. As a result, many wonder whether or not the venue will come back at all even as a short track. Regardless, Auto Club Speedway being replaced is likely a headache for NASCAR.

Chicago Street Race

The Chicago Street Race’s reception amongst the residents of Chicago was mixed at best, but NASCAR obviously wants to come back. As a result, the future of the event is uncertain at best. However, NASCAR has an easy out with the Chicagoland Speedway being nearby in the area.

As a result, this event may not be as big of a hangup as some may think. NASCAR owns the Chicagoland Speedway after all, but, would Joliet, Illinois be okay with bringing NASCAR back? The venue is still able to host events as was evidenced by a supercross event the track hosted this past weekend.

The 2024 schedule is still in an uncertain place, and these sticking points are a large reason why. Once thee issues are figured out, the 2024 schedule will finally return.

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