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What IndyCar on FOX Could Mean for NASCAR in 2025

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What’s Happening?

While NASCAR knows what its TV deal will look like for 2025 and beyond, IndyCar is still looking for its next TV deal. However, multiple reports indicate that Fox is interested in IndyCar. With Fox also committed to NASCAR for 2025, how could this impact NASCAR?

  • While NASCAR will remain on Fox from 2025 through 2031, it will be in a reduced capacity. Fox will only broadcast the first 14 Cup Series events (down from 18 in the current deal) of the season, along with all Craftsman Truck Series races. Fox will only broadcast three practice/qualifying sessions (Clash, Daytona 500, and All-Star Race).
  • With IndyCar available, this could impact future NASCAR on Fox broadcasts, particularly regarding the talent used. If Fox takes on the full IndyCar schedule, could we see less crossover talent between Fox and the Amazon Prime/TNT portion?
  • Fans are unsure if they want IndyCar to go to Fox. However, fewer know how this could impact NASCAR on TV.

The Booth

One broadcaster that the 2025 NASCAR TV deal impacts is Adam Alexander. With the loss of the Xfinity Series and Mike Joy seemingly set to return to the Fox booth in 2025, many wonder if Alexander may move on to another network. Maybe he reunites with TNT to broadcast the middle 10 races of the Cup Series schedule, or maybe he even joins The CW for the full Xfinity Series slate.

However, Alexander may not be leaving Fox at all. Marshall Pruett of RACER reports that Alexander is a “Strong candidate” to lead play-by-play broadcaster if IndyCar indeed goes to Fox. Now, how does this affect NASCAR broadcasts?

It would close the door on Alexander going anywhere else, meaning Amazon and TNT are still looking for a lead broadcaster. It also means that Alexander could be forced to skip certain Truck Series events in 2025, if Fox keeps him on those broadcasts. This season, seven IndyCar race weekends fell on Truck Series race weekends.

This could allow someone like Jamie Little to step into the booth in a larger capacity.

The Fox analysts are also a mystery, as Pruett also reported that nearly 150 Fox employees based in Charlotte were informed they no longer had jobs at the end of June. Could these analysts be part of this group? We’re not sure yet, but it’s possible we could see some shake-ups in the booth.

As for NBC, IndyCar’s potential departure means Leigh Diffey could be free to broadcast NASCAR. Amid a report from the spring about Diffey joining the NASCAR broadcasts later this season, could we see Diffey take on a more involved role with NASCAR on NBC in 2025? It depends on whether or not NBC re-ups with IndyCar or loses out to Fox.

The Schedule

Five NASCAR races will be broadcast on FOX from 2025 through 2031, with the remaining races on FS1. Certainly, IndyCar will also want a presence on network TV in 2024.

NASCAR and IndyCar already share a TV partner, NBC. IndyCar currently has 10 races on NBC, with the rest on USA and Peacock. Six of those 10 races in 2024 come before NASCAR joined NBC, and both Peacock races are during the NASCAR portion of the NBC schedule.

Of the four races in that portion of the schedule, one is a Saturday night race, and two have early start times with TV windows that end before NASCAR starts. The only race that directly goes up against NASCAR is the season finale for IndyCar.

That said, NASCAR typically gets priority over IndyCar since NASCAR is a much bigger entity. NASCAR will probably get the biggest races they want on network TV, so the schedule shouldn’t be affected that much if IndyCar moves to Fox.

However, this means that NASCAR and IndyCar wouldn’t compete directly with each other on NBC networks later in the season during Playoff races. Instead, these conflicts could move to Fox in the early portion of the season.

Pre-Race Coverage

If IndyCar broadcasts are happening on the same channel on a Sunday afternoon, Fox race pre-race coverage could be less expansive than normal. Nowadays, Fox often has 90 minutes of pre-race coverage thanks to NASCAR RaceDay, but that could change in 2025.

With Race Hub gone, Fox may not have all the same resources for this type of pre-race show. IndyCar being on the network would mean less time for pre-race as well.

Ultimately, IndyCar on Fox doesn’t affect NASCAR itself much but will affect NASCAR broadcasts. This could be one domino to fall as broadcasting silly season heats up.

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