What’s Happening?

As the 2024 Cup Series season approaches, we are going to preview every NASCAR Cup Series race team. The first team we are looking at is 23XI Racing, co-owned by Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan, who are coming off their best season as a race team in 2023. What is new, what is old, and what are the goals of 23XI Racing in 2023?

  • In 2023, 23XI Racing had both drivers qualify for the Playoffs for the first time in team history. Tyler Reddick won two races and made it to the Round of 8. Bubba Wallace made the Playoffs for the first time in his career.
  • The drivers, crew chiefs, and spotters all remain the same for both entries in 2024. 23XI Racing is running it back with them, but they have a new racing headquarters for the 2024 season. Will these upgrades lead to better performance?
  • Race teams are excited to see how 23XI Racing performs in 2024. They are one of NASCAR’s newest race teams, and they continue to improve year after year.

Team Overview

23XI Racing has gotten a little bit better every year since they joined NASCAR in 2021. From winning their first race in 2021 to winning more in 2022, to finally making the Playoffs in 2023. Not only did they make the Playoffs, they won and advanced in the Playoffs.

This race team also has a new headquarters opening up. It’s a fast-growing race team, and the performance has continued to improve as time has gone on.

The same drivers, crew chiefs, and spotters return to both 23XI Race teams for 2024. They are running it back, and there is no mistaking that.

The #23 (Bubba Wallace)

Bubba Wallace had his best season yet in 2023 despite not winning a race. He made the Playoffs for the first time in his career and finished a career-high 10th in the points standings. It was a good year for him, and the gang around him returns for 2024.

Crew chief Robert “Bootie” Barker and spotter Freddie Kraft return to the team for 2024 as well. The team has proven they can win, make the Playoffs, and advance in the Playoffs. It’s safe to say they are established in the Cup Series at this point.

The #45 (Tyler Reddick)

Tyler Reddick was originally supposed to join 23XI Racing in 2024, but, he got out of his Richard Childress Racing contract a year early. Reddick followed up a 3-win season with RCR with a 2-win season with 23XI Racing and a Round of 8 appearance. This was the best season any 23XI Racing driver has ever had.

Crew Chief Billy Scott and spotter Nick Payne return to the team in 2024. Much like Wallace and the 23, this team reached new heights in 2023 with Reddick. 23XI was on the doorstep of the Championship 4, but they were not quite there yet.

Team Goals

23XI Racing has gotten better and better every year since the team opened in 2021. The team established itself as a true Playoff contender in 2023. The next step is to make a Championship 4 or win a Championship, as big of a goal as it is.

They were not quite there in 2023. Reddick came the closest, but, he fell short thanks in large part to a 26th-place run at Martinsville in the Round of 8. They are a good race team, and they have established themself. However, they need to dig deeper to take that next step.

The new headquarters means there could be some new resources for the race team as well. More resources should translate to better performance on the race track.

What Could Hold Them Back?

23XI Racing was a good team, but they were not at quite the level of teams like Joe Gibbs Racing, Hendrick Motorsports, or Team Penske. 23XI currently has a technical alliance with JGR, which should help them. How far can that realistically take them, though?

To take that next step, 23XI is going to have to consistently beat teams like Hendrick, JGR, or Team Penske which is a tall order for any race team. It’s the last step 23XI needs to take to become a truly elite race team, but, it is going to take a lot of effort.

23XI Racing is also a Toyota team. Toyota will have resources spread thinner in 2024 thanks to Legacy Motor Club joining the fray. How will 23XI counteract potentially less resources?

23XI Racing is set for an interesting 2024. They were on the doorstep of making a Championship 4 in 2023, but can they get over that hump in 2024?