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Should NASCAR Retire Car Numbers Like Other Sports?

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In other sports, one way that teams or leagues look to honor the accomplishments of a great athlete is by retiring their number. This is not something that NASCAR generally does, but should they? The Scene Vault Podcast posed that question, and fans gave their opinions.

NASCAR Should Not Retire Numbers

Matt Smith says that a number is just a number.

Bryan says that if these two numbers were not retired, then none should.

Hallie imrie feels that numbers should go into a “moratorium” period.

Vince Black believes the decision was made in 1993 when Petty retired.

Phillip Sterling feels the unintended consequences of retiring numbers would not be ideal.

Chuck Ellison feels that only so many numbers work on a race car, so retired numbers is not a good idea.

NASCAR Should Retire Number Fonts, but Not Numbers

Jay Coker feels that the 43’s font should change once Petty has no stake in the 43.

El Guapo says that the number font changing could be a way to retire numbers.

Kenny adds paint schemes to the idea of retiring numbers.

The Dale Earnhardt Archive wants that style of the 3 car retired.

NASCAR Numbers Can/Should Be Retired

Christopher says numbers could be retired if approached the correct way.

Jason Ratcliff says the numbers of legends should be retired.

Mathieu Fortin suggests how NASCAR an go about retiring numbers.

Retiring numbers in NASCAR does not seem to be as popular as in other sports. However, some have offered solutions for how NASCAR can retire numbers if they so choose to retire them.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

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