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The iRacing NASCAR Truck Update is MASSIVE!

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One of the most popular NASCAR races to run on Iracing is the trucks. Recently, they just got a massive update, and luckily for everybody, DJ Yee-J has done enough testing to tell everyone how to go fast in these new updated trucks. 

  • One of the big details of this update is that the trucks have less downforce and are more affected by dirty air. How do you feel about these new changes to improve realism?
  • Since the truck has less grip, tire wear is one of the major factors to consider while racing; this may make more patient drivers faster in the long run. How do you feel about this change?
  • With all of these new updates, it seems as though Mile and a half tracks will be more skill-based instead of pack racing. Do you like this change or will you miss the excitement of pack racing?

What’s your favorite series to run on Iracing? How do you feel about the new update? Let DJ Yee-J know all of your thoughts and questions in the comment section. 

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