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The Best NASCAR Content Creators To Get Started with YouTube

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What’s Happening?

NASCAR on YouTube has been a phenomenon for over half a decade in the sport. Many fans have taken their passion for the sport to YouTube and have paved the way to reach the sport to new fans and provide a new platform for insiders and fans alike. From insight and opinions on the sport to NASCAR gamers (or sim racers), these are five of the best NASCAR YouTube content creators in no particular order.

  • This list focuses primarily on NASCAR-only content creators. There are some YouTubers on this list that have more than just NASCAR content, however, it does make up the majority of their content.
  • The list goes for a mix of different spheres in the NASCAR industry from talk shows to iRacing, diecasts, and more.

Eric Estepp

Let’s start this list with a bang. Eric Estepp has evolved from a NASCAR stop motion YouTuber to now one of the largest YouTube channels on NASCAR YouTube. With over 225k subscribers, Estepp uploads daily videos talking about the news and hot takes going on in the racing world. Estepp also provides race recaps as well as interviews with industry insiders such as drivers and executives of the sport.

Estepp uses his platform to promote America’s top racing series to a new audience, a younger audience. As the sport continues to target a younger audience, Estepp has provided a valuable boost as being a young fan himself, he is able to connect with his fellow fans as he gives his insight on the sport.

Maconi Setup Shop LLC

This is for the iRacers out there. If you need assistance learning this weekend’s track, Maconi Setup Shop LLC is for you. Maconi provides the setup he used for his fastest lap times followed by a detailed analysis of how he performed his lap.

Maconi follows this by giving his tips and tricks on how to handle the track and the car on both the long and short runs to provide the audience with the best advantage to take home the checkered flag. From ARCA to Trucks, Xfinity, and Cup cars, Maconi has you covered for your iRacing setup needs.


NASCAR fans and diecasts go together like peanut butter and jelly. OriginalBigBry is one of the go-to YouTubers when it comes to NASCAR diecast content. He reviews the latest NASCAR Authentic waves from Lionel Racing, providing his honest and unfiltered opinions on diecasts of old and current diecasts as well.

OBB has his segment “What’s in Stores” where he goes to different stores to see what kind of NASCAR diecasts they have, giving the audience a unique interactive experience. In addition, his rant reviews also are unfiltered and provide some humor as he will grill into the diecast quality control issues. For the NASCAR diecast enthusiast, OriginalBigBry scratches the itch of NASCAR diecasts on YouTube.

The Iceberg

The Iceberg covers NASCAR across multiple different spheres. Jaret Lundberg provides simple yet insightful looks into NASCAR history, current topics, and the latest hot takes in the racing world. One of the hosts of the NASCAR Weekly Podcast, The Iceberg covers all aspects of the sport in easy-to-digest YouTube videos where his commentary and insight provide an honest perspective of the sport that fans can enjoy and appreciate.


S1apSh0es combines his passion for NASCAR with his over-analysis of the sport into one of the best YouTube channels for the sport. While his upload frequency is not as much compared to others on this list, the quality of his videos makes them well worth the wait.

S1ap goes over the history of the sport while also discussing current topics about NASCAR. He is probably most famous for his coverage of the former track Air Base Speedway, as well as going to old race tracks before Dale Earnhardt Jr. continued the ideas a few months later. S1ap also ventures outside of racing as well, though NASCAR remains his dominant content. For high-quality videos and excellent commentary, S1apSh0es is the way to go.

These are just some of the best YouTubers NASCAR has to offer. Do you watch any of them? Or all? What other YouTubers should be mentioned next?

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