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Social Media Specialist

Type: Full-time, Part-time



Daily Downforce Social Media Crew are responsible for posting all TDD content to official channels, promoting TDD content creators and merchandise, and engaging with the online NASCAR community.

Job Description

  • Tracking the NASCAR online conversation through social media, sports press, podcasts, etc. utilizing the TDD Source List
  • Posting all TDD content to official social media channels
    • Platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Crafting all posts for high impact and engagement based on the needs of each platform
  • Coordinating with the News Crew to stay informed, find sources, and stay on top of the social media conversation
  • Coordinating with Content Creators to signal boost their content and promote their merchandise / storefront


  • Dedicated Schedule Availability
    • Monday – Friday for Full-Time
    • Friday – Sunday for Part-Time
  • Avid Race Fan
    • Watch NASCAR series races and have a command of drivers, teams, and other esoterica 
  • Engaged Online Fan
    • Be knowledgeable, active, and ideally contributing to the NASCAR online community
  • Developed Organization
    • Be able to manage a wide variety of editorial schedules, news cycles, and production timelines across the totality of TDD social media channels
  • Social Media Skill
    • Experience producing content for a variety of social media platforms, including familiarity with their cross-posting tools, best practices, and substantive analytics

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