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Rumor Mill: Could Gene Haas KEEP One of The Stewart-Haas Charters?

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What’s Happening?

Stewart-Haas Racing, as everyone knows it, will not exist after 2024, and fans seem to have a solid idea of where most of its four charters are going. However, the fourth charter is still a mystery, and Brennan Poole floated the interesting rumor of Gene Haas keeping one of the four charters. Eric Estepp posted the clip in the episode below of Out of the Groove.

  • Gene Haas and Tony Stewart announced in late May that they would shut down the race team at the end of the season. However, no one knows where many of their assets will go, causing many possibilities.
  • Plenty of teams have been speculated to be in the running for SHR’s charter. However, no one has yet stepped forward with enough capital to buy the charter.
  • Fans are still uncertain about where the fourth SHR charter could go. However, this new rumor presents a new possibility.

Everything Brennan Poole Had to Say

Poole was very clear that this was merely a rumor he’d heard in the garage, and it was not a confirmed report by any means. However, it is an interesting possibility to consider. He breaks down that, according to what he’s heard, the team could somewhat continue as a two-car Xfinity team with a single Cup Series car.

I’m hearing that they’re still going to have the two Xfinity cars, so, I’m assuming, the 98 and the 00 will stay the same, but you know, I’ve heard all kinds of rumors too. Maybe Joe Custer is getting one of the one of the four charters, and they’re going to move and be, I think, in the Xfinity building. I think it’s a separate shop, I’m not totally sure, and run a cup car. But, I mean, you hear those rumors. You don’t know if it’s true or not, but, I could see that happening. And, maybe Haas is keeping one of them; I don’t know how the charters are broken down between him and Tony.

Brennnan Poole

Joe Custer is the father of defending NASCAR Xfinity Series Champion Cole Custer. Poole later added that Cole Custer could drive that Cup Series entry, should it actually happen.

If this happens, Riley Herbst may stay in the Xfinity Series. If Ford stays, it might allow them to bring up another prospect or recruit another. However, a lot needs to happen first.

Why would this even be a thing? Poole points to the current Cup Series charter market and how few teams realistically could buy a charter.

Who’s going to buy another one out of the teams that are out, like who? Roush? RFK, maybe? Even Brad [Keselowski], though at Wilkesboro was like, ‘Yeah, we’re not really ready to do that. We’re just not ready. We don’t have the people.’ it’s like okay yeah I could see that, like, who? Who?

Brennan Poole

The teams that theoretically could buy another charter are JTG-Daugherty Racing, Kaulig Racing, Legacy Motor Club, RFK Racing, Rick Ware Racing, Richard Childress Racing, and The Wood Brothers. Who among them could buy a charter?

As Poole said, Keselowski has admitted that RFK Racing may not have the resources to get a charter. He said this on social media in the wake of SHR’s shutdown.

JTG-Daugherty Racing could be going through an ownership change. The Wood Brothers haven’t fielded a second car since the 1960s. Rick Ware Racing is improving, but are they good enough with enough resources to field a third car? With 23XI Racing reportedly interested in buying a third charter, Toyota doesn’t have as much of a reason for Legacy Motor Club to buy a third charter.

Richard Childress Racing is rumored to be interested in Noah Gragson, as was reported by Jordan Bianchi and later mentioned by spotter Brett Griffin on “Door, Bumper, Clear.” Do they have enough to buy a third charter to bring him in?

Kaulig Racing is struggling in 2024, but could they buy a third charter? Chris Rice teased in a recent appearance on Sirius XM NASCAR Radio that the team has something up its sleeve, but it isn’t ready to announce the plans yet.

Ultimately, there is no slam-dunk scenario. No team is guaranteed to be in a place to buy a charter, so, if Haas and Custer cannot sell the charter, why not keep it and keep the team going for maybe a year or so?

In that sense, it does make sense that Gene Haas could keep one charter. However, it’s probably equally as likely that he sells that fourth charter. Ultimately, time will tell.

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Circle B Diecast Block

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