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Reactions: Fans Are Split on Josh Berry to Stewart-Haas Racing

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Fans on social media gave their thoughts on Josh Berry's move to Stewart-Haas Racing.

What’s Happening?

Today was a big day for Josh Berry, Stewart-Haas Racing, and NASCAR. Berry was announced as Kevin Harvick’s replacement in the 4 car next year.

However, people on social media are a bit more split on this move being officially announced. What did fans, media members, and other have to say about Berry moving to Stewart-Haas Racing?

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Around the Garage

Dale Earnhardt Jr was understandably excited.

In the Stands

Sniffing Cousin is excited about Berry moving to SHR.

Robert Poplin is a bit more skeptical about Josh Berry moving up to SHR.

Dave & Laurie absolutely loves the move.

Matheiu Fortin is concerned about the sponsorship situation.

Rob says that SHR as an organization will hold Berry back.

Steve Goodwin feels Berry will get a win next year, but he is unsure if that will help the rest of the team.

Skewcar is excited about Berry.

Dann y Wells is not impressed by Josh Berry.

On Your Screen

Taylor Kitchen calls this move “refreshing”

Darian calls it a rebuild

ElitePrecision29 points out how Stewart-Haas Racing’s lineup is full of guys without outside funding.

From the Pressbox

Bob Pockrass likes the move.

Josh Berry moving to Stewart-Haas Racing is definitely not a typical driver replacement move. Regardless of how good of a story it makes, how the move works will depend on the performance on the race track.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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