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Potential Traffic Issues A Concern for Chicago Street Race

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Adam Stern reports that one of Chicago's busiest streets could close for around a week.

Adam Stern reported an article from Crain’s Chicago Business that talked about street closures for the Chicago Street Race, particularly Lake Shore Drive. Greg Hinz reports that parts of Southbound Lake Shore Driver could be closed for almost a week, and maybe longer.

  • Lake Shore Drive is one of Chicago’s highest traffic streets, as it is a part of U.S. Route 41. Hinz says that the Illinois Department of Transportation estimates 129,000 vehicles take the road every day. The part being closed is in the middle of downtown just north of Soldier Field.
  • The Chicago Street Race has been highly anticipated by NASCAR fans, but it has also been met with significant skepticism as well. From the racing product, to the location, to local politics, to the layout, there have been some severe skeptics.
  • Fans continued to echo some of these similar skepticisms, but a few did express optimism for the event as well.

The Main Characters

Some skepticism arose recently over how the new mayoral administration in Chicago feels about the viability of the race.

NASCAR officials were recently asked by a Chicago alderperson to schedule a hearing about the impact of the street race.

The Chicago Sun-Times recently expressed some concerns about the street race.

However, there is also the potential economic boom that the race can be as well.

Around the Garage

Brett Griffin is not a fan of the politicians

In the Stands

Alexander says that he does not feel this was a race people were asking for.

Mike is excited for the race, but he is unsure how the city will feel about it.

This track definitely exists. Fun fact, there is a 66.7% chance I am in this picture.

Brett looks at Road America as a potential venue.

If only Rattlesnake, If only

Andrew Tenold remains neutral.

Jonathan Oates is still excited for the event.

As a resident in the Chicagoland area, the idea of closing Lake Shore Drive was my major concern when this race was first announced. Closing Lake Shore Drive on Fourth of July weekend in the middle of peak vacation season is…not ideal. It’s entirely possible this goes off without a hitch, but this is a legitimate concern.

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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