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New Markets NASCAR Should Consider Racing In

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NASCAR has been looking to expand in recent years to new markets. NASCAR has shown in recent years they are willing to try some new things to get to thsese new markets. What are some markets that NASCAR has not reached yet, regardless of whether or not there is a race track in the area.

Seattle, Washington

The Pacific Northwest is one area of the country that NASCAR has not tapped into. Seattle is the biggest city in that market, and NASCAR actually has run a race in that area in what was known as the Winston West Series, now known as the ARCA Menards Series West. This race happened at the Tacoma Dome, with another happening in nearby Spokane.

NASCAR has tried to run in this area before, so, why not try it again? Yes, there is no NASCAR race track in the area, but why not try a street race? This truly is one of the best frontiers for NASCAR in the United States.

Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado is another market that NASCAR’s top series has never reached before. However, NASCAR has tried to race in the area before. Pikes Peak International Raceway hosted the NASCAR Xfinity Series in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is the closest NASCAR has come to the Denver, Colorado market.

However, why not a street race in this area? NASCAR loved what they saw with the Chicago Street Race, and Denver may be the next place to go. If NASCAR wants to bring themselves to new markets in this way, then that may be the way to do it.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is a market that NASCAR has dipped its toes into in recent years with the NASCAR Xfinity Series. IndyCar has also started running there with some good crowds. It seems that there is a contingent of people who love racing in that area. Portland is in the Pacific Northwest similar to Seattle.

Given its history of motorsports, this may be the market for NASCAR to try to look at with the NASCAR Cup Series. It allows NASCAR to get a presence with its’ highest series in the Pacific Northwest, and there is a race track NASCAR could go to.

Montreal, Quebec

NASCAR and Montreal have been heavily rumored throughout the summer. It is uncertain whether or not that will actually come to fruition, but that does not mean it is a market NASCAR should not look into.

It is a market that the NASCAR Xfinity Series has been in before, and the crowds loved it. Formula One has hosted a race there for years, and that means there is a love for motorsports in that area. It is exactly what NASCAR is looking for in a new market, and it is untapped by its’ top series.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is another market that NASCAR has dipped its toe into before, but, maybe it is time to go after it again. There is a Formula One quality race track in Mexico City, which means there is a love for motorsport there.

With the presence of Daniel Suarez in the Cup Series, having a presence in Mexico is big. On top of that, the NASCAR Mexico Series is partnering with the Cup Series at the LA Coliseum. Why not give them another chance to partner with the Cup Series on their home soil?

NASCAR is looking to expand its borders in the near future. If they want to, then these are probably the best places to look.

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