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NASCAR Manager is NOW Available For Early Access on Android

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NASCAR Manager is now available for early access on Android devices for Free on Google Play. The game will be released on IOS devices as well at an undisclosed date.

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NASCAR Manager is a brand-new NASCAR mobile game developed by Hutch Games. This studio also developed F1 Clash, and this game looks set to be very similar to F1 Clash. NASCAR and Hutch Games announced the development of a new mobile game in September.

Hutch Games calls this, “The ultimate NASCAR Manager Experience on Mobile”. They highlight 1v1 contests against real-life players through PvP duels, monthly tournaments, and weekly leagues. Similar to F1 Clash, they also talk about managing pit strategy and recruiting drivers to join your team.

Screenshots of the game were also featured on Google Play. The gameplay appears to be very similar to F1 Clash.

They also include the upgrade system as well. A similar system to other mobile games where players use cards earned from opening chests or in-game currency to upgrade certain parts of their car or race team.

Here is how the players earn different cards int he game. As can be seen, the Players appear to earn different car parts to upgrade their car through chests earned in-game.

In the Stands

As far as how fans feel about the game, the reaction is a bit mixed. Some feel the game is too similar to F1 Clash, and others do not like the generic cars. Others are excited about the game.

Gucci is not a fan.

RoPhotoGuy calls this an “F1 manager reskin”

Big Bill says that people do not care if the game does not feature fictional drivers and teams.

IDontWantAName0 is excited about the game.

NASCAR Xfinity Series team owner Tommy Joe Martins gives his thoughts.

Will you be playing the NASCAR Manager game? Will this game do well once it is released on all devices?

Let us know what you think

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