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Updated: NASCAR Fed Up with Delays on New Video Game Release

Last Updated: April 17, 2023 7:48 am

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Motorsport Games, the license holder for NASCAR video games, has announced delays in the release of a new NASCAR video game. Sources say NASCAR has had "multiple" internal meetings regarding this.

What’s Happening?

UPDATE: NASCAR is denying that any meeting has taken place. We will continue to update the story as more information becomes available.

Original Story follows below –

Continuing on a story written by Cody Williams regarding the state of the NASCAR video game series, new information has surfaced.

  • The NASCAR fan base has not seen a new release of a NASCAR video game since Motorsport Games released NASCAR 21: Ignition in October of 2021.
  • In a release sent out by Motorsport games, they blamed the war in Ukraine in part to why their NASCAR and INDY car video game series has been delayed.
  • NASCAR fans have expressed displeasure with the delays regarding the NASCAR video game series. A lot has changed in our sport since 2021, and fans want a refresh.

Main Character

Mike Straw, reporter for InsiderGamingIG, posted this tweet, revealing new information in the delays of a new installment of the NASCAR video game by Motorsport Games.

In the Stands

Jarrett wonders if EA sports, creators of the famed NASCAR Thunder series, would be interested in picking up the franchise again.

Jayden tries to get Valve’s attention to bring some racing to our controllers.

Bryan asks a question we’re sure a few fans are asking as well.

On your Screen

Alan Baily, Youtuber and reporter for ARN, says NASCAR isn’t happy and MSG management not seen for weeks.

From the Pressbox

Mike Straw, who reported the news that meetings had been held, posted this statement from NASCAR regarding the delays earlier this month.

It been been almost 2 years since the last NASCAR video game was released, while other professional sports get annual refreshes to their video game series. Imagine the outrage if EA delayed the release of the new Madden, or if 2K delayed the release of the new NBA installment. It sounds like NASCAR is discussing behind closed doors, hopefully we get answers soon on the future of NASCAR video games.

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