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Motorsport Games Cites War In Ukraine, Among Other Things, As One Of Their “Trials”

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Cody Williams

Cody Williams

Cody Williams is the author of BUNNY BOY and THE FIFTH LINE. He lives near Bristol, TN.
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Here's what was said to Motorsport Games employees in an email from their CEO.

What Happened?

As racing fans salivate for more NASCAR and INDYCAR based videogame content, game developer, Motorsport Games, has been having a rough time. At one point, their entire board of directors quit all at the same time – which generated some nasty rumors online. They have been bleeding money. And it would appear that any NASCAR or INDYCAR game that would be produced by the company will be come later rather than sooner.

Now it is reported that Motorsports Games sent out an email to employees which contains some…interesting information. In the email, the CEO, Dmitry Kozko says the following:

The past year has been filled with trials, including the ongoing war in Ukraine and operational hurdles, which have tested our resilience as a company. Your efforts have enabled us to make significant strides in our product release schedule and continue our focus on developing immersive INDYCAR and NASCAR gaming experiences.

You Need To Know:

  • Motorsport Games has been under the magnifying glass for quite some time now. The company was founded in 2018 and went on to acquire 704 Games, which was at the time the licensed NASCAR videogame publisher. With the sale, Motorsport Games got the rights to all NASCAR gaming. Their first project was developing NASCAR Heat 5. Following that, 2021 saw the release of NASCAR 21: Ignition, which came out to a “mixed” reaction.
  • Following the acquisition of INDYCAR gaming rights (the last INDYCAR licensed game to be released came out in 2005), things seemed to be looking up for the company. But with crippling uncertainty and a loss of massive funds, many employees are believing that the company might be on its last legs. As reported in the email, Motorsport Games has a net loss of $36.8 million for 2022, which follows 2021’s net loss of $33.7 million. Add in the fact that the INDYCAR game has once again been delayed (being pushed off to a 2024 release at the time of this writing) and things aren’t looking too good for Motorsport Games or their employees.
  • Fans have long been skeptical of Motorsport Games and their intentions. This breaking story certainly isn’t helping that. It has many fans asking if there will ever be another NASCAR game released? And if so, will Motorsport Games even still be around?

Perhaps the most interesting part of this report is the line where the CEO lists the ongoing war in Ukraine as a hurdle for the company. At the end of the interview, the CEO expresses some optimism for the future of Motorsport Games…but also notes the sense of uncertainty in the air. Mike Straw of Insider Gaming got the inside scoop.

Around The Garage

Apex Racing TV, an official partner of iRacing, is certainly bummed out by this unfortunate news. They do still have faith, though. Maybe we’ll really see the new INDYCAR came in 2024???

From The Officials

Reporter, Nathan Brown, has a quote from Penske Entertainment who struck the deal with Motorsport Games.

In The Stands

Vincent Magnarella calls out Motorsport Games as a scam. “A total bunch of hacks.”

Carl, hold the wheezer. has this to say.

Burnout900012 calls for INDYCAR to admit that they made a mistake ditching iRacing for Motorsport Games. He calls it a “sinking ship”.

Disco-Inferno-70 states that licensing exclusivity deals are never the answer. Are they right?

Did you hear that, S1apSh0es? Kellie here has a great video idea for ya!

On Your Screen

Black Flags Matter host, Darian Gilliam, reports that Motorsport games lost $70 million in only two years.

Alan Bailey is currently working a new YouTube video about this issue. We at the Daily Downforce can’t wait!

From The Pressbox

Race Sim Central reports this unfortunate news.

Does this news about Motorsport Games shock you? Will there ever be another good NASCAR (or INDYCAR) video game? Let us know your thoughts.

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Cody Williams

Cody Williams

Cody Williams is the author of BUNNY BOY and THE FIFTH LINE. He lives near Bristol, TN.
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