NASCAR Fans Online Make Their 2024 Schedule Suggestions

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The 2024 NASCAR Cup Series Schedule is a large point of conversation as the summer stretch heats up. NASCAR fans on Reddit gave their own suggestions on potential where NASCAR could go for the 2024 season. What did they have to say?

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darth_baltimore would prefer each track have only one race per season.

Milwaukee Mile for Pension_Fit

crypto6g does not want to see Bristol Dirt go.

HeavyDevy77 says an every four years rotation for the schedule. It’s an idea.

NWDrive wants more NASCAR in the Pacific Northwest.

N661US says Montreal is what will replace Auto Club.

burger-24 has multiple suggestions, but a Bristol All-Star Race sure is an interesting one.

Electrical-Seesaw991 wants to see Iowa back in some capacity.

Aceaker8818 wants to see NASCAR in Denver. Quite an interesting suggestion.

3arnhardtAtkonTrack does not want to see the Charlotte oval get a second race.

World71Racer with some unique suggestions.

AngryDad2022 says Rockingham returning is unlikely.

I know this is probably a joke, but, I mean, what a story this would make.

notfromchicago would like to see the Cup Series on a track like Du Quoin or Springfield.

NASCAR Reddit certainly has some interesting suggestions for the 2024 schedule. Are they all realistic? Probably not, but they show that NASCAR sure has options for where to race next season.

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Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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