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NASCAR Fans Have Their Own Suggestions for Fixing the Next-Gen Car

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The Next-Gen car has been met with some praise, but also some criticism. With that in mind, we asked the Daily Downforce readers what one thing they would change above all else with the Next-Gen car. The fans came through with multiple responses.

The Next-Gen car made some big changes that fans and drivers have given some criticism about. The car made a major change aesthetically by moving the door numbers from the center to forward on the door towards the front wheel-well. The car also was fitted with an engine to produce 670 horsepower, a far cry from the 900+ horsepower engines at the height of the Gen-6 car.

The car was also designed to be very durable. However, some have argued that it erred on the side of being too durable, and it made the cars more dangerous. Driver injuries to guys such as Kurt Busch and Alex Bowman during the past two seasons have been blamed on the lack of crush zones in the Next-Gen car.

The car has produced mixed results as well in terms of the racing product. While the intermediate racing product has been very good, and the spec-nature of the car made for incredible parity, fans have been disappointed by the product on short tracks and some road course races. This has been blamed on a variety of things from the tires to the underbody to the brakes to the drivers shifting with the new 5-speed sequential gearbox.

With all of this in mind, here are what the fans thought needed to be changed with the Next-Gen car.


Tyler Stooksbury thinks it is as simple as switching the wheels and tires.

Old tires, and painted tires at that for Tater_Buff_Racecars

RR Designs wants the smaller tires to return for less grip.

Zachary Simpson simply wants narrower tires.

Door Numbers

Juan Ignacio Ortchanian want centered door numbers back. This paint scheme is quite purty by the way.

Lewis Bros Racing is a simple man.

All caps from AaronP.

Short Track Package

Kyle Short says that this car would be a “huge dub” if they can fix the short track package.

Suarezfan99 is upset that his hometown track has been impacted by the short track package.

NASCAR/Racing… wants a better short track package over anything else.

IntensityBroadcasting is down for anything that improve the racing on short tracks.


JayStephens wants more horsepower.

Joshua Boston looks back on 2014 fondly I see.

Imagine a Formula One engine in a NASCAR stock car.

Slightly less extreme from Blah Blah Blah.

It may solve many things, but does it solve everything?

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Picture of Joshua Lipowski

Joshua Lipowski

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