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Motorsport Network Has Been Sold, But What Does it Mean for Motorsport Games?

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On June 28, reported that Motorsport Network, the parent company of Motorsport Games, was sold to GMF Capital. However, Mike Straw of Insider Gaming reported, that Motorsport Games was not a part of the sale.

This may come as a surprise or even disappointment to NASCAR gamers who are hoping for a new NASCAR game. The recent disaster that was the 2022 DLC on NASCAR Heat 5, and the lack of a new NASCAR game for 2023 puts NASCAR gaming in a tough spot.

However, Straw also reported a quote from a Motorsport Games spokesperson saying, “We continue to work with the newly acquired entity under the terms of our agreements and are excited for the future of both companies.” Straw also described the future approach as “business-as-usual.”

However, this move could still mean something for Motorsport Games. What could it mean, if anything?

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What is GMF Capital?

GMF Capital is a sort-of vague organization. On their website, there is only one page, and it only has one short description of the company as follows.

GMF Capital was established by Gary Fegel in 2013 as a single-family office to invest capital on behalf of himself, his family and like minded investors.

GMF Capital seeks to create outsized returns through a flexible mandate, permanent capital and an opportunistic investment approach. GMF Capital has offices in Switzerland and the USA.

Their LinkedIn profile puts them in the investment management industry. Descriptions continue to be vague as to what the company really does, but the fact that they are in investment management is very interesting. A lot has been said regarding how Motorsport Games tends to burn through cash, and with GMF Capital’s emphasis seemingly being on smart investments, it says a lot that they seemingly did not see value in Motorsport Games.

Motorsport Games was not valued by their parent company’s new owner. That is what all of this comes down to.

What Does the Future Look Like For Motorsport Games?

This company does not have much time left to get it right. The new IndyCar game is not out yet, and NASCAR is still waiting on a new game to follow-up the failure that was NASCAR 21: Ignition.

There is nothing new seemingly coming out of this investment, and that means that nothing will change in the immediate future of Motorsport Games. That is a scary proposition for many, but it is reality.

What Will it Take for NASCAR Gaming to Improve?

There needs to be a seismic shift in NASCAR gaming in order for the current state of things to improve. Motorsport Network being sold was not enough for that to occur. Either Motorsport Games needs to find a way to improve their product, NASCAR needs to step-in, or Motorsport Games needs to step out.

The response to this news being that Motorsport Games will continue “Business as Usual” means that nothing will change immediately. However, the conditions surrounding this could potentially account for that seismic shift that is needed.

Maybe Motorsport Games reevaluates and begins to make major changes to make themselves more open to future investors. Maybe NASCAR sees this and uses it as a way to figure out that they need out of giving their license to Motorsport Games. This may be unlikely, but it could be possible.

The bottom line is this, more than what happened a couple of days ago needs to happen for NASCAR Gaming to change.

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Joshua Lipowski

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