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Made in Level Cross w/ Thad Moffitt

Meet the Talents Behind Made in Level Cross

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In this episode of the podcast ‘Made in Level Cross’, co-hosts Thad Moffitt and Rowland George introduce themselves and discuss the significance of Level Cross for the Petty family, with Thad being the grandson of NASCAR legend Richard Petty. Thad shares his personal and professional journey, from his childhood ambitions nurtured by his family’s deep-rooted ties with racing to his recent season in the Trans Am TA2 series. He also briefly teases a major announcement related to his NASCAR career for the coming year, and the hosts mention the rich potential guest lineup for future podcast episodes. The episode also features the introduction of the podcast’s sponsor, Pristine Auction.

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  • 00:07 Introduction and Hosts’ Background
  • 01:19 Thad Mofftt’s Journey into Racing
  • 03:38 Thad’s Family Influence and Legacy
  • 08:19 Co-host Rowland’s Background and Connection to Petty’s Garage
  • 11:18 The Significance of ‘Made in Level Cross’
  • 15:44 Thad’s Experience in the Trans Am TA2 Series
  • 20:40 Future Plans and Podcast Guest Lineup

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